Accounting Services

Individualized Solutions For Professionals

Is your business just starting?  Flourishing?  Peaking?  We have the expertise to help in every stage of your businesses life.  Pick the services you need, when you need them.  And, since we use secure, state-of-the art technology, we can help no matter where you reside.

Accounting / Bookkeeping

Commonly, owners initially believe their accounting is done automatically because they use off-the-shelf accounting software but quickly learn how easy it is to create a database of unusable information.  Without accurate accounting, not only is it hard to see who owes you money, it’s as if planning never happened!  Accounting records are a vital business tool so we ensure yours creates useful and accurate reports by monitoring the quality of the input and verifying the output.

Financial Reporting

Every business owner wants and needs different types of financial reports. Often, new procedures need to be created to achieve the desired outcome.  As a CPA and financial analyst, I can design procedures and build customized financial reports to help you get the financial information you need to effectively manage your business.  You’ll also receive professionally prepared compiled financial statements.  If your business requires reviewed or audited financial statements, we can introduce you to qualified professionals.


You and your employees can enjoy direct deposit of paychecks, on-line employee access to pay stubs, electronic payment of taxes, electronic filing of tax forms (where available), pay-as-you go worker’s compensation and integration with your general ledger.  We do not automatically withdraw your funds until tax is due and your tax payments flow directly to governmental agencies.  If you have a payroll tax or benefit question, we will not ask you to “go ask your tax advisor”!


Sometimes you simply need a qualified professional to evaluate your systems, design a process to capture needed information or teach best practices so your back office is more efficient.  We’re happy to provide customized training on QuickBooks or operations in general.  We have experience in several accounting, scheduling, practice management and time tracking software solutions, including the newest on-line options.   Contact us with your needs.

Bill Payment

Most professionals are on the go!  If you want to eliminate check printing, signing and chasing supporting documents, you can enjoy the benefits of electronic submission of invoices,  multi-level automated approval & release of cash, electronic payment  to vendors, and unlimited storage of documents, all viewable on-line 24/7.  Of course, the system syncs with common general ledger software and maintains all of the important information (chart of accounts, vendors, and customer information) – no duplication!