Financial Leadership

Individualized Solutions For Professionals

The definition of success is different for everyone, but business research has proven that companies of any size that understand and utilize their financial information are more likely to prosper.  Once your information systems are in place and operating successfully, you may want to use the data more extensively for planning and growth.  As a trained and experienced business professional, not only can I help you with the financial details of your business, I can identify potential opportunities and spot potential problems and offer solutions.

We can help with services like:

  • Forecasted financial statements.
  • Creating an Operating budget.
  • Budget to actual analysis with an executive summary.
  • Cash-flow analysis.
  • Assisting in establishing banking relationships and securing financing.
  • Designing compensation arrangements for associates and staff.

To save you time and money, at your direction, we’ll work with your other trusted advisors to assist with matters such as:  legal, investment and insurance.