For Law Firms

Individualized Solutions For Professionals

As a lawyer, you are more than capable of handling the finances of your practice.  Yet, law firms have unique billing, trust and accounting requirements and the details are time consuming!  Many firm owners agree  it is “freeing” to delegate these tasks to a competent professional.  For years, I’ve aided solo and multi-owner law firms ease these burdens and understand the financial management of their firms.

In addition to accounting, payroll and tax, we can help you:

  • Comply with State Bar IOLTA and trust reporting & documentation.
  • Invoice routinely so you see cash quicker (we don’t mind the title “Firm Pest”).
  • Set-up and maintain a practice management system, including Clio.
  • Keep your firm’s back-office running when you experience staff changes.
  • Design and/or administer compensation plans for owners and staff.
  • Design processes for dealing with pass-through expenses to ensure you receive reimbursement according to your contracts.
  • Generate and utilize management reports that may need to pull from a combination of systems – accounting, practice management and other.

clio_certified_consultant_125x125As a solo practitioner, I have a network of quality professionals that I collaborate with regularly.