Tax Services

Individualized Solutions For Professionals

You need to file a variety of tax forms and we can make that (virtually) painless.  We  can also help develop strategies to maximize after-tax, or take home cash, considering all taxes, not only income taxes. Professionals working with us benefit from a proactive, hands-on approach to understanding the unique needs of their business and personal tax status.  Analyzing this information jointly aids in executing cash-maximizing strategies such as applying the tax law to the owner’s advantage, using debt wisely, enhancing operational efficiency, increasing revenues or funding retirement accounts.

Our customer base is strategically narrow  – we don’t try doing everything for everyone.  All research, effort and continuing education is focused on issues common to service-based businesses and their owners.

We can help you:

  • Eliminate surprises by working together to plan estimated tax payments as the year progresses.
  • Plan and organize your financial affairs to minimize your current and future tax liabilities. This firm continuously monitors the tax law and considers how changes may impact its customers.
  • Implement strategies to reduce your taxable income, increase your deductions, or take advantage of tax credits, considering your unique circumstances.
  • Painlessly fulfill tax filing requirements by preparing your tax returns, electronically depositing taxes and e-filing required forms to federal and state (where available) agencies for all tax types including:  Income (Forms 1065, 1120S, 1040); Employment (940, 941, W-2 as well as state forms) and Information (1099).